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What is the project?

Here we are looking at the role that women played during WWI, but are you sure you know how the war actually started?

If not, read more here!
The project entitled ‘The Women's Role in World War 1' is planned to start in March 2015 to coincide with the anniversary of women becoming seriously involved in the war, and in particular taking on the many roles previously only occupied by men.

We would like the children of Folkestone to discover and understand the various roles and changes to society by the use of stories, poetry and discussion. The intention being that each of the Folkestone primary schools involved (years 5/6) plus one secondary school, will receive 3 sessions of role play, poems, stories and illustrations which will give a better understanding of the role women played both locally and nationally.

The children will then be asked to compose a story, poem or illustration pretending that they themselves were living at the time of the war. The entries will be judged and the top two entrants in each category; story, poem or artwork from each school will win a prize; in total potentially 90 awards.
The top entries will be displayed at St Mary and St Eanswythe Church in Folkestone and also on a specially created website for all to see.

A book will also be published featuring the work of the children and class photographs will be included. These will be on sale with any profit going to Friends of St Mary and St Eanswythe. We do have a fundraising page to help raise funds for the church and if you would like to contribute, you can visit the page via the button below…
Nine workshops will be run, out of school hours, at The Quarterhouse Theatre which is equipped to handle the 200+ children (ages 10 and 11 years old) envisaged. These workshops will be involved in drama, singing and poetry including some of the sketches created at school by the children. A lot of the music will be original from the period.

The workshops will culminate in three live shows for all the children. Parents, friends and of course anyone from the community will be welcome to see the live performances and all will be available on the website.

A film will be facilitated by the incredible Screen South team and will include filming during the workshops, subject of course to full parental approval.

The project is intended to bring the war years to life for all and encouraging the children participate will help them retain the memories of their heritage.

Now you can join us and discover more about the women’s and men’s lives during World War 1. Just click on our uniformed friends below…..
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